Living Room

Family room in remodeled home with brick fireplace
Your living room is where you spent most of your home life. However, when it comes to remodeling, most people don’t think about remodeling their living rooms. You need to create a living room remodel that suites your lifestyle and your tastes perfectly. We want your Austin living room remodel to be a smash hit with your family and friends and you, naturally.

To begin with, your flooring should match your needs. To consider what flooring would suit you, how about consulting a flooring expert like the ones at C. Haynes Construction. We can help you with wood rot repairs and tile flooring. Those are our specialties. However, we can consult with you on other types of flooring for your living room remodel to make sure they work. We’ve got enough expertise in floor installation to make just about anything work for you. We just ask that you make sure you look over your flooring and make sure it’s what you want before the install. That will save us both time and you a lot of money on your Austin living room remodel.

We also are experts at crown molding. Crown molding gives a room a finished appearance and can add a lot of flair and panache. Let us make this dramatic difference in your living room. It’ll be a focal point of the remodel. We’ll take measurements, stain and paint the molding to your specifications and, of course, install it, so you can see the full effect for yourself.

How about a new paint job? Bold colors are in, but you have to be careful that the color looks good in your home and goes alone with the rest of the rooms. You don’t want, for example, a bright orange living room, when the rest of your home is decorated in browns and beiges. Talk about a big-time clash.

The C. Haynes Construction team can repaint your living room for you and protect your belongings in the process. We cover all areas to be painted with drop cloths or plastic as needed. We’ll move your furniture to the center of the room where it will be safest during the living room painting process. We can help you select colors so you don’t have that clash going on that we talked about previously. We know what looks good and how it looks once painted so we’ve got the expertise to make your living room painting remodel work.

In addition to painting and flooring, we, the C. Haynes Construction team, can redo your walls and add custom shelves and/or cabinets to your living room should you decide you need them. We can install both interior and exterior walls with sheetrock, tape, texture and paint services. We can also create custom woodwork to go into your Austin living room remodel and can install new shelves that you’ve purchased so you don’t have to.

In fact our handyman service can help you with installation of new TVs and other furniture – like that new entertainment center – to make your new living room remodel complete. We want to make your living room remodel all about you. Just tell us what to do and we will get it done for you. We aim to please.

Call us today at (512) 417-4523 to discuss your living room remodel. We serve Austin and the surrounding areas and have the expertise to get your living room remodeled properly.