Modern design bedroom interior with king-size bed and wooden wall
Bedroom remodeling is an important undertaking. It’s your most intimate space and you want it to be done just right. Let us, at C. Haynes construction, create the bedroom of your dreams. We know you spend a lot of your time in your bedroom and we want to make sure it’s happy and relaxing time. Since we sleep nearly 1/3 of each day, we know that you want that time to be spent in a comforting and soothing location.

Bedrooms can be the epicenter of your health and relaxation. Let us create a bedroom for you that will give you peace of mind. It will be functional as well as beautiful.


Would you like a huge master closet, one where you can keep your entire wardrobe with room to spare? We can build it. How about built-in shelving to place treasured knick knacks and books that help soothe you? We can do that too. What about an entertainment center that fits perfectly with the flow of the room? We’ve got you covered.


Do you desperately need more light? We can add windows or a skylight to give your bedroom the maximum natural light it deserves so you can awaken with the sun, refreshed and relaxed from a night of comfortable sleep.


What color paint do you want? Do you want something soothing and relaxing or bright and inviting? We will help you choose colors to fit your palette and your wallet and can paint from floor to ceiling and everywhere in between. Your room will look the way you want it to from top to bottom with out expert painters.


Did you say you’d prefer wallpaper instead? Well, we can do that too. We know how to lay it out so that it’s smooth and seamless, a perfect backdrop to the bedroom of your dreams.

Your Bed

What about your bed? Do you need a new frame or one that’s inserted into the floor? We have great experience with carpentry and can make just about any of your design wishes come true.


We will also help you choose the flooring you need. Do you want wood or carpet, laminate or tile? Are area rugs your thing? Whatever you decide upon, we can lay down. The choices are numerous for flooring options and include exotic woods like cork, eucalyptus and bamboo.

We can create a most luxurious space for you. We don’t just do kitchen or bathroom remodeling. We can remodel any room in your home and would love to give your bedroom a try. Contact us today for a price quote. We can be reached at (512) 417-4523.