Professional Interior and Exterior Painting Services

Home Interior Painting
Home renovation complete with painting. Get professional home painting services from us and complete your dream house project.

We take care of Interior and Exterior Painting, Sheetrock Repairs, Wallpaper Removal, Re-texture and Popcorn Texture Removal. We also offer a large variety of custom textures for your room. We also refinish wood entry doors and strip and restain exterior wood decks.

Interior Painting

At C. Haynes Construction we know how relaxing your home can be after a long days work. Our goal is to enhance that experience and to make your project as pleasant as possible.

We take special care to protect your belongings. All areas that are to be painted are covered by dropclothes or plastic as needed. We ask that all small or delicate items such as pictures or lamps be moved by the customer. We will move all furniture, large and small, to the center of the room and mask it off. Next, all electrical cover plates are removed, lights masked off or removed and nail holes are filled. Any cracks in the trim are caulked and trim is wiped down with paint thinner to remove any dust or animal hair so paint adheres properly and is very smooth. We bring several fan decks of paint colors for you to choose from and can help you select colors. If you have already picked out a color we can make sure it is matched properly.

We only use quality paints such as PPG, Kelly-Moore and Sherwin Williams. If requested we can also use low-VOC paints and green paints for eco-friendly options. In most cases two coats of paint are applied to ensure complete coverage. Careful attention is paid to details and to ensure all cut-in lines are straight. After painting is completed, plastic is removed, any dust or paint droplets are cleaned and your furniture is moved back to its place.

Exterior Painting

First we inspect your home for any rotted wood or insect damage. The customer is notified of any issues and a written change order is given for any necessary repairs.

In most cases your home is power washed to clean dirt off so that paint properly adheres. Next we scrape off all loose or peeling paint and prime all bare wood to eliminate any future peeling. Then all cracks are caulked with 25 year painters caulk. All windows next to masonry are caulked with silicone caulking to ensure a weather proof seal for your entire home. Finally, we spray one coat of premium paint such as Kelly-Moore or PPG paint for a long lasting paint job that looks great for years to come. For an additional small charge we can add a second coat of paint to prolong the life of the paint a couple more years. Few other competitors bring this level of quality.

Wood Entry Door Refinishing

We have developed a way to rejuvenate your weather damaged stained wood front door. Many front doors are badly damaged from many years of sunlight, moisture and mildew. A lot of people think they are too badly damaged and paint them or replace them, Many times we can make them look like new.

First we take your door off the frame and remove all the hardware. Next we strip all the old sealers and stain and sand it nice and smooth. The transformation is dramatic. We finish by applying a coat of stain with a color of your choice and three coats of exterior grade polyurethane for a long lasting and attractive sealant.

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