Ten Tips To Increase The Value Of A Home

Ten Tips To Increase The Value Of A Home

Looking for ten ways to increase your home’s value?

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1.) The first step to increasing your home’s value is to talk to a professional. Gather your ideas, expectations, and also have a budget in mind. Once you have that done meet with a licensed and reputable company to receive a quote.

Home Inspection - New Appliances Utilities

2.) Sometimes working up a quote can take a week, so in the meantime, you could get an inspector to come out to your home and determine if there are any maintenance needs. New appliances or utilities can add a lot of value.

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3.) Freshening up your home with new paint not only adds value by making the house seem brand new it also helps with a fresh smell. Adding new colors can brighten up rooms and give you a modern vibe that makes you love being in your home. Not to mention, paint with time gets dull and needs to be revitalized.

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4.) There are also some simple DIY interior design updates that you can do to your home. Some ideas could be installing wall cabinet shelving, new fan, or even putting an accent wall in your room. All of those will add style and value.

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5.) Add instant value by increasing your home’s energy efficiency. Not only will value be added to your home, but you will also be saving money each month. Some ways to increase the energy efficiency is upgrading your HVAC system, installing additional insulation, hang thick curtains, install more efficient doors, and use a water saving showerhead.

Remove Popcorn Ceiling Austin Texas C Haynes Construction

6.) Another way to add value is to remove popcorn ceilings. By removing you are adding value and ridding your home of the old look that popcorn ceilings bring. Side note: Have any popcorn ceilings installed before 1979 tested for asbestos.

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7.) Bathroom updates add value to your home. Most bathroom remodels require a professional, but some updates are easy, and you can do yourself. Such as framing the mirror, installing some elegant lighting, adding some fake candles, or even wall mounting a cabinet. If you want to update the vanity or tub, please contact a professional for a quote.

Kitchen Remodel Austin Texas C Haynes Construction Update Kitchen

8.) Invest in your kitchen. The kitchen is the heart of your home. You not only make your meals in the kitchen, but you make memories gathering with family in the kitchen. When doing a kitchen update or remodel, it is best to hire a professional. You will get the work done quicker, better, and honestly save more money in the long run. A home renovation team knows how to and what it takes to give you the result you desire.

Install Tankless Water Heater Austin Texas C Haynes Construction

9.) Purchase and install a tankless water heater. It adds value because it’s adding efficiency. So like tip #5, you will be saving money monthly and also adding the value to your home in the case you ever sell.

10.) The first thing you see when walking into your home is the entryway. Updating the entryway can give your guests a warm welcoming not to mention a great first impression. If you could add a mudroom, it’s such an excellent addition that is appealing and always in style. Adding to your entryway or just updating with paint can add value to your home.

These are just ten ways to increase the value of your home; there are numerous other options not listed. Are you thinking about remodeling your home? Maybe it is time to sell, and you want to ensure to maximize the value of your home. Perhaps you want to treat yourself and your home to a makeover. Whatever your reasons are C Haynes Construction is here to help you. Request a Quote From Us Today!

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